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Classic Doctor Who monsters redux. Awesome or total pants?

I have to say that I'm firmly in the latter category, in regards to the latest crop of 70's monsters making a comeback. I know that lighting can contribute quite a bit in these situations, but I can't help but feel that both the new Zygon and Ice Warrior redesigns are utter rubbish.

I'm on the fence about the Sontarans, mainly because the writing in The Sontaran Strategem did more to ruin their reputation than any cosmetic changes (and the versions seen in Invasion of Time and In a Fix With Sontarans were pretty horrible), and while I still lament the lack of proper Silurians in the new series we did get Madame Vastra out of the deal, and I agree that it wouldn't be quite the same character if she's been wearing the originally designed prosthetics. (As for the Macra, well... what can you say when your only choices are a bunch of paper-mache stuck to the rear of a Volkswagen or sub-par CGI?)

Still. How is it that most of the redesigned monsters manage to look less realistic than their 70's counterparts? New series Daleks and Cybermen aside, how is it that this:

still looks vibrant and living to me, while this:


reaks of just another guy in a stupid rubber monster costume?

Am I blinded by nostalgia, or are the new series costumes really that bad?

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