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Classic Haunted House Movies: The Uninvited (1944)

Before 2009's The Uninvited with Emily Browning (Sucker Punch, Ghost Ship), there was 1944's The Uninvited starring Ray Milland (The Lost Weekend, Panic in the Year Zero!, Dial M for Murder).

Sharing out this post from FourFingerWu's Kinja blog, as it's a classic haunted house story worth watching during the Halloween season, particularly for those of us that like the old-timey black and white stuff, as tame as it may be compared to modern fare.

From the 1000misspenthours.com link:

Whereas most 40's "ghost" movies portrayed phantoms, wraiths, and specters who would eventually stand revealed as a Nazi spy or the impossibly wealthy young heroine's avaricious uncle or some such thing, The Uninvited plays it completely straight, and even goes so far as to posit a house haunted by two ghosts— one of them good, the other evil, and the both of them squabbling fiercely over the fate of someone still living.


While it's too late to catch this one as the Svengoolie movie on MeTV, you can still catch it on October 23rd @ 10:00PM ET on TCM.

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