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Claudia Black with an American accent

It’s funny that on the day I post a Farscape related Midweek Trivia, I should get an NCIS episode on Netflix with the amazing Claudia Black...IN AMERICA!

This is from Borderland, the 22nd episode of Season 7. Claudia plays a bartender at a biker bar the team goes to during a murder investigation. It turns out she’s more than just a bartender.


Claudia does a pretty good job with her American accent. It’s not perfect but it’s not jaring either. It sounds like it takes some effort because i know she can move through very tricky dialogue like she did on Farscape smoother when she speaks normally. Here she has a much more methodical way of talking. It may just be that was how she was directed and fits the character more. She also has almost a John Wayne tone in her voice.

Still it’s a decent performance and it’s always nice to see Farscape actors getting any kind of exposure outside the genre.It;’s nice that it’s in a rather important episode in terms of the overall story, where one of the supporting characters learns a dark secret Gibbs has been hiding from the team.

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