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Clouded Leopard Cuteness Never Ends!

At least, it's up to little cubs like this to help make sure it never does. Meet Nimbus, an orphaned Clouded Leopard cub being hand-reared by Jamie Craig. Craig is a curator at Cotswold Wildlife Park, who took on the responsibility of raising Nimbus from an abandoned one-day-old cub to the active two-and-a-half-month-old she is today.


Craig kept Nimbus safe and warm in the bathroom at his home for the first six weeks of her life, but now she is back at the park in her own private enclosure. Craig is confident that she will be able to be paired with a male to become an important member of the AZA's species survival plan for Clouded Leopards.

Clouded Leopards are considered to be vulnerable by the IUCN, so this kind of captive breeding is important for conservation efforts. I've written about Clouded Leopards in my Caturday series.


And there's video, which will make even the most ardent dog lovers among you turn green with envy at the fact that Jamie Craig's job is much cooler than yours.

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