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C'Mon Zack Snyder

Remember when Zack Snyder kept saying that Batman Vs. Superman: The Rise of the Justice League wasn't going to be an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns? Anybody else see the Batfleck costume reveal and yell out "LIAR!!"? Maybe it was just me.


Let's see. Tiny ears on the cowl? Check. Super wide and long Batman logo on the chest without the oval? Check. Looks pretty similar to me other than its' black on black instead of black on grey.

So let's get real for a minute, Zack. Just come out and say that you're making The Dark Knight Returns. The fan reaction would go through the roof. If you want to punch Marvel right in the mouth, this is the way to do it. All you have to do is cast someone to play Carrie Kelley and teach Ben Affleck to ride a horse.

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