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Well here we are at the eighth and final episode of series one of Doctor Who spin-off Class. It is titled The Lost. The fractured Coal Street Gang have their backs against the wall in an explosive finale that sees the return of Coal King Corakinus. The Shadow Kin are invading.


Actually, I want to try to avoid spoilers. Sorry. This is an episode where you need to dive in at the deep end and take the roller-coaster ride to whatever destination it brings. It is less a finale and more a prologue to Series 2 which has been ordered according to some reports.

At its best, this episode is tense, electric and horrific. But it is also all over the place. It throws mud, some of it the finest mud you will have chance to find, but flung with terribly handwavium aim that has all the finesse of an Oozlum Bird. There are loads of ideas, or at least snippets that never quite make a whole. A tear in space perhaps, but the ever upward reach never quite grabs on to anything.

Starting in the wake of previous events, the pre-credit sequence touches the blue-paper on a series of explosions that don’t let up for the next 40 minutes. Oh, and that rumour is true. April sings as well.

Cyril Nri, who played Mr Smalley, the shopkeeper with the Corsair parrot in The Sarah Jane Adventures turns up in what is allegedly a recurring role.


Next year then ...

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