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The adventures of the Coal Hill Gang continue in Brave-ish Heart, the fifth episode of Class and the second half of a two-part take of anguished passions,incoherent revelations and killer petals. And by definition a few spoilers.


So last week, spooky Headmistress Dorothea was tempting Miss Quill with the possibility of getting the creature out of her head, emotionally upset April had cured her mother before jumping through a crack in space to the world of the Shadow Kin. And tons of blood-sucking carnivorous petals were seeping into the world and multiplying at an exponential rate. 

We pick up with Ram (Fady Elsayed) who followed April (Sophie Hopkins) through the tear in space. He’s about to get sliced up by a Shadow Kin warrior, except April skewers the coal-hole creature first.

It seems the Shadow Kin call their world The Underneath because they are at the bottom of the universe. A weird kind of self-loathing demands they annihilate everyone else less they be ground down themselves.

April declares her intention to kill Corakinus (Paul Marc Davis) despite Ram tying to convince her otherwise.


Back on Earth, Dorothea (Pooky Quesnel) wants Quill (Katherine Kelly) to convince Charlie (Greg Austin) to use the Cabinet of Souls to eliminate the petals. “Are you this UNIT?” asks Quill. “Far more modest than that,” says the Head, adding that when Upward Reach took over the running of Coal Hill School they created a new board of Governors. She empahises that they are nothing if not efficient.

The others argue over what has happened to April until Quill summons Charlie to the school. Tanya (Vivian Oparah) goes to fetch Ram’s Dad. En route there is a queasy moment when Ram’s Dad uses the windscreen wipers to clear petals which leave a red stained fluid as they are swished away.


At the school, they split into two groups the parents staying at the school. Dorothea, Quill, Charlie and Matteusz (Jordan Renzo) head for The Cabinet of Souls. The parents start arguing over the corrupting influence of each other’s children and we start getting clips of people collapsing in a bloody mess of petals.

There are two main threads from here. Charlie is conflicted over using the weapon in the cabinet. Quill is angling for her own agenda. And Dorothea starts threatening everyone with a gun to try and get her way - until Matteusz hits her over the head and dumps the gun on a petal filled balcony.


Over on The Underneath April reopens the portal to the school allowing the Dads to come through as she wins her duel with Corakinus and becomes the new King Coal. She’s going to kill him but her estranged Dad convinces her it is not the thing to do. Corakinus is stuck in cell as King April takes over.

Returning to Earth, she is heady with power. Matteusz has texted Tanya to say the Shadows can kill the petals, so in the nick -of-time that is what April has them do. As they depart, she orders them to destroy the path to Earth.


From his cell, Corakinus removes the strong link, so April no longer has the Shadow Kin power but her Mum is still healed with the potential to walk again when she gets her strength back.

Dorothea is pleased with the results despite having been knocked out and tells Quill to see her Monday to talk about getting “that thing” out of her head.


Next week the gang will be in detention apparently in the same room that snookered Sapphire & Steel.  

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