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Colony Is Back And Goes Back

The USA Network show Colony started its second season this week. The premiere features some mysterious Men in Black and a lot of flashback (which isn’t a surprise if you saw any of the promos). A new character is introduced and someone turns out to be even shadier than I thought. Spoilers ahead.


The first episode of Season 2 “Eleven.Thirteen” starts similarly to the first episode of Season 1 with breakfast at the Bowman house. This time it’s pre-Arrival with Charlie Bowman at the table, Will Bowman in a suit and plenty of eggs.

When Katie is dropping of Charlie in Santa Monica we see what looks to be the first indication of something happening when a phone’s GPS navigation goes screwy. If you’ve seen stuff like Independence Day you’ll recognize the pre-invasion beats playing out.

We see that Snyder was not the Provost at Stanford pre-Arrival. In his office as a purchasing manager for small college Snyder is approached by two men working for the Institute for Global Advancement. Snyder has been selected by algorithm (sound familiar?) for an important position. The Men in Black types take him to meet with their client, a Host. (This confirms that the aliens were operating on Earth before the walls dropped on Arrival Day.) Snyder’s first decision in his new position is to have his daughter forcibly taken to safety while leaving his ex-wife behind.


Will’s biggest issue is whether or not his FBI partner Devon is crooked. He’s wondering where Devon got the down payment money for a house in Santa Monica. Things are a little tense between them is they get to their headquarters where they find out seven VIPs have disappeared. Will and Devon find one of the engineers who holed up in a panic room at his house. He tells the agents that he’s one of about 1200 people in the U.S. who are on a list to be sequestered in case of major catastrophe to rebuild society. (We also see the Institute’s Men in Black walking around the FBI offices.) Devon doesn’t like all the freaky stuff happening and leaves just before the power goes out. Everywhere.


Broussard arrives in town and sees his sick mother. He also visits Katie at the Yonk where they talk over drinks. He leaves a contact number before heading out to meet up with other spec ops/private security types. Broussard realizes that the gathering makes a perfect target if someone wanted to take out out all the operators in Los Angeles. He leaves the building just before it is destroyed. He gets back home and we last see him doing CPR on his mother. Broussard mentioned last season that his mother died on Arrival Day so I’m assuming he doesn’t succeed in reviving her.

Katie holes up in the Yonk with Grace and Bram. Her sister Madeline shows up with her son but her husband was on a plane when the EMP hit so he probably died in a crash. Will heads out for Santa Monica to find Charlie but the walls are dropped into place before he can get there. (It looks like the walls dropped along the 405 freeway which makes sense if Santa Monica is a separate block.)


In the present Katie visits Bram in lockup. Madeline has enough pull to arrange the visit but not to get Bram out. Maybe he’ll end up on the Moon with Carlos.

Meanwhile Will is searching the Santa Monica block for Charlie. He gets stabbed and beaten for his trouble (Santa Monica is a rough place). Fortunately he knows someone who lives there and ends up at the house of his old partner Devon.



The episode title refers to the date shown i.e. Arrival Day
  • I have mixed thoughts about the flashback. It’s nice to see things that characters mentioned last season fleshed out or shown false in Snyder’s case. But unless there is a really good explanation for what the Hosts are doing it highlights plotholes that keeping things vague helped make acceptable. Remember, early on it wasn’t even explicitly clear that the the Hosts were aliens.
  • When Madeline checks her husband’s flight status the iPad shows he is on an Oceanic Airlines flight. Never, ever, ever fly on Oceanic Airlines.

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