Happy Monday, everyone!

Our ODeck movie night on Friday was a glorious success! Highlander was gloriously (and gently) mocked and enjoyed. Stay tuned for the next one!

This week I think I shall do a colouring contest. Last time, we had Sailor Moon. This time, I choose...


I found some amazing colouring pages online:



Yes, I know there are other Treks (contrary to popular opinion, I enjoyed Voyager. Mostly. Q Jr was really cute, okay??) but these are just too perfect.


FINE PRINT: For fairness, you can only pick from these images. Any materials are fine: digital, crayon, pencils, chalks, ground-up bugs, whatever.

DUE: Please respond to this post with your entries. They are due THURSDAY the 19th, (although you pretty much have until I start amassing them on Friday morning) and then the voting will take place on Friday.

As a reminder, this is what you are playing for:


Go go go!