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Following DrillPress' request for a colouring contest, I took it upon myself to make one, because I live without shame and/or dignity. Also, I really like making up awards.

What are you up to?

Colouring contest!! I'm going to put some pictures up of our chosen theme (Sailor Moon!) so people can grab them. To keep some things fair, you can only choose from this post. The pictures will be posted today, due on Monday at midnight. On Tuesday, I shall display all the finished pictures in a post and we shall vote on the winner.


What do we win?

Tell 'em what they're playing for, Johnny!

This absolutely delightful and gigantic clip art award:

What can we use?

Whatever you want! Pencils, ink, watercolours, oils (although if your using oils you might be taking this too seriously), or digital programs like Photoshop, Paint and whatever the Mac and Linux equivalents of Paint are ("iColour"? "There are Other Suspender Colours Other than Black"?).



Here ya go, click on the picture for it's origins/original sizes since Kinja is, well, Kinja:


Go nuts!

PS I have never felt so Canadian before with all my 'u's in 'colour' all over the place...

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