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Hello everyone!

It's time to vote on your favourite Sailor Moon picture!

In no particular order:

Eldritch 1:

"Sailor io9 and Sailor Observation Deck! Taking into account the major colors used by the sites (such as blue for the links on the Odeck, as well as the black logo, and the purple in the io9 logo) as well as the old design for our old io9 lady mascot (the white-ish hair, the red eyes with the heavy shading, etc). They have gray skin because the sites have gray backgrounds and, also, they're aliens! Who come from the future! I did some really slight editing in Photoshop before printing out to color..."


Eldritch 2:

"I also did a regular version of Super Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon. I'm both proud and depressed I remembered their colors so perfectly."

Quasi Hatrack:

"This one is from her blue period"



"I don't watch anime, but I was bored, so..."



"I didn't go over any lines!"


Vote vote vote!

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