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Comet Ison is visible on the LASCO camera

This is the current view (as I write this) from the LASCO C3 camera aboard the SOHO satellite.

The field of view in the above picture is 3.7 to 32 solar radii, that's from the inner blocked off portion to the outer edge. The white circle in the middle is the position of the sun.


The LASCO cameras study the sun's corona so blocks off the sun itself as the intensity of the light would outshine the relatively dim corona.

The comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) (see here for why it's named that way) will loop round the sun tomorrow and by then will be visible by the LASCO C2 camera which has a narrower field of view (2 to 6 solar radii). This camera views orange light, while C3 looks at the blue part of the spectrum.

Here's the links for the live views from each camera -



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