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There are times when life ends up sucking.* When it does, I tend to enjoy escaping to some sort of fantasy world. And, considering what site I'm on, I'm kind of assuming you do too. This post is to post about books or other things that you reach out to when life seems hard.


My first line of defense when I'm feeling sad is Discworld. It is something that tends to make me laugh very much and also make me think. Terry Pratchett has made a series that really helped me out in high school, a time when there was little else (except my cat) who could cheer me up.



This science fiction cartoon always makes me laugh.~ It's very cleverly written and it's something that you can end up finding bits and pieces that you missed before. I know that in my million and a half rewatches I haven't found everything that could be found.


Such a funny anime series. I really enjoy the straight guy dynamic. It's filled with science fiction and some fantasy. Plus, watching it in subtitles (which is how it should be watched) allows you to focus on in and helps you not think about why you're sad.


So, now it's your turn. What are your favorites in times of sadness?

*You all know why this post!

~We will not mention the episode that should not be mentioned.


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