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Comic-Con Park-ocolypse 2014

So after having the bright idea of NOT tying your guaranteed reserved San Diego Comic-Con parking to your license plate number this year, everyone is super surprised that the reservation site got hammered by scalpers and attendees alike. The sale was supposed to start this morning, but the site had to be shut down an hour later due to overloaded servers.

After announcing that the sale would restart tomorrow, some people were able to possibly purchase this evening. But many have been charged 5+ times without confirmation that they actually have the reservations and/or have gotten an error message saying their email was invalid.


My protip to Ace Parking: Make all your lots the low baseline price of $15 so there isn't the mad dash for the "cheap" parking. Also, go back to requiring car make/model/lic# to discourage scalpers.

My protip to attendees: Park at Qualcomm Stadium for free and take the Trolley for $5, unlimited all-day.

My protip to San Diego MTS: Extend Trolley service hours even further on Friday & Saturday nights. And increase late-night security. (If HBO is paying them to change their signs to Dothraki, they can probably afford it.)

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