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Madeline Flores' webcomic Help Us Great Warrior has become a regular comic! Following the adventures of Great Warrior (only name given), a badass hero of the people whose priorities are snacks, boys, looking cute, and kicking ass (not necessarily in that order), the webcomic had no plot and was more of a gag comic. The new series however has an overarching plot as Great Warrior is asked to stop demons from rampaging across the world.

While still keeping the comedy, the plot will let us explore the characters and the world in greater detail. Particularly exciting for me is we are getting more info on Great Warrior's BFF, Leo! Flores had made a post on her Tumblr saying that Leo was a trans woman though she had never found a way to work it into the webcomic. With this comic she has promised to give us more backstory on Leo. The first issue gave us this great trans joke as Leo finds name changes on the Scroll of Heroes is a lot easier and cheaper then most document changes.


Go check out both issues that are out so far Help Us Great Warrior on Comixology or your local dead offline store!! I am adding it to my subscribed series with Ms Marvel!

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