Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks


This weekend is the annual comics and other geeky things convention here in Houston, TX! This will be my second year attending, not bothering with cosplay this year, and I am curious if any other O-Deckers might be coming.

Some interesting guests this year which can be viewed here.


We have in no particular order

  1. Stan Lee
  2. Much of the cast of Agents of Shield
  3. Rose McGowan
  4. Several Doctors though I am not sure Who
  5. Barrowman
  6. The Amazing Nichelle Nichols
  7. Xander Harris
  8. James Marsters
  9. Cary Elwes
  10. Billy Dee Williams

And more! I don't want to list them all! If you aren't coming and have a burning question for a guest let me know and maybe I will try to ask it if things work out.

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