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Comics Alliance's "Best Art Ever (This Week)" is the Best (Every Week)

For my money, the best comics website out there is Comics Alliance. One thing I really appreciate about this team is that they make a concerted effort to promote quality comics artists of all types and skill levels. This mission is most prominent in "Best Art Ever (This Week)," a weekly column that showcases some of the most visually striking, dynamic, and heartwarming pieces from the world of comics. By "world of comics," they're including both the undiscovered newbies and the most storied professionals together under the same banner. It's truly inspiring.

Even if CA isn't your comics-reporting cup of tea, I give my absolute highest recommendation to this column. What used to take hours of trolling around on DeviantArt to find the best of the best now takes one weekly click. It's become one of my favorite parts of every Friday.

To prove my point, here are my favorite pieces from this week's column:

Daredevil by Sean Anderson


The Silver Surfer by Steve Rude

Werewolf by Bernie Wrightson


Harley Quinn by Matteo Scalera

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