So, today I read WIRED's article about DC's Convergence Event.


What Is Going on With DC Comics' Super Confusing Convergence? | WIRED

DC Comics recently announced Convergence, a new crossover event slated for 2015 that, well,โ€ฆ Read on

I admit, this is the first time I'd heard of the Convergence. Maybe I just didn't get the memo because DC kind of lost me with the New 52. But this seems to suggest they might be going back to the pre-Flashpoint universe โ€” or at least giving us a nice, nostalgic look at it before implausibly powerful Braniac destroys that particular universe.

It's that last bit that is the source of my side-eye. The premise of Brainiac collecting pieces of the multiverse and then destroying the remainder would require ridiculous power levels โ€” but also, say he nukes the pre-Flashpoint DCU. The characters in that universe have dealt with universe-ending threats before, successfully. Why wouldn't they succeed now?


True, the New 52 itself is the result of an unprevented timeline change โ€” but the nature of a multiverse indicates that for every disaster averted there has to be a branch where it went through.

But to me what's really at issue is that over the past several years, when has DC not been in the throes of some kind of Major Event? All of which for some reason revolve around the number 52? Don't they get tired of that shit?


Don't we? I know I'm tired of it. It's got to the point where even the TV shows have little winky references like Paul Blackthorne's call sign on Arrow: "Delta Charlie 52." Haha, I see what you did there, show.

Marvel isn't immune to this either, and I'll be honest: I stopped going to the comic shop for about six months, and when I returned, I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was going on with anyone.


I get it, Big Two. You've got to keep things shaking, got to keep things moving forward and encourage everyone to Buy All the Things. But I can't afford to Buy All the Things. I'm lucky if I can pick up a Hawkeye trade when it comes out โ€” a comic I like because artistic but also because it's completely self-contained.

Universe-shaking Events are all very well, but for the casual reader and the impecunious fan, how about keeping in just a bit of status quo, huh? Give us something familiar to latch on to.


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