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Coming soon from Niantic Labs is Pokemon GO

This one isn’t my usual Android related thing but it made it onto the Android sites I visit and since I know more than a few people here are into this I figured I’d share it.

Pokemon GO is the upcoming game due to be released sometime in 2016 from Niantic Labs. Niantic Labs is the company who previously put out the relatively popular Ingress game, which had an augmented reality premise in that you captured portals while out and about and that’s basically all I remember about it. Well, same basic idea is at play here except instead of capturing portals you’ll be capturing freaking Pokemon!


I’m assuming that you’ll likely use your phone and the app to “see” Pokemon around you and then capture them somehow.

On a somewhat related note, Pokemon Company is making an accessory specifically for the game called Pokemon GO Plus. It’s a wristband that alerts you to in-game events, probably along the lines of “there’s a Pokemon to capture nearby!”, by vibrating and flashing an LED. There’s also a button that’ll let you perform in-game actions, thus sparing you from having to pull your phone out.

On a only marginally related note, Star Wars: Uprising officially launched already. I wrote about the game a few months ago back when it was first announced. Fair warning: The download is 531 MB, so you’re likely going to want to be on a really good LTE connection or decent WiFi one to get this game. Otherwise it’ll take a bit to download.

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