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Coming Soon to my Etsy shop:

I'm super-stoked to be working on something big again. Vests and vintage are fun, but this sort of thing is my favorite. Sure, it doesn't sell quickly, but I feel better when I'm creative. I've had this corduroy for a long time, and I'm so excited to finally use it. I'm not sure just when it'll be finished (sometime in the next 3 weeks, is the plan), but it'll be greenish corduroy lined with this lovely taffeta. The cuffs and small of the back will have hand-embroidered detail. Not sure of the pattern yet—something small and delicate and feminine. I'm making it to fit someone who's 34-28-37 or so. (The hips are the most negotiable measurement).

I also take requests. If you have any pieces you would like made, any particular designs, I can custom build it just for you. I'm not a comics afficionado or anything, so I try to stick to steampunk-inspired pieces: things with Victorian and Edwardian roots, but with a modern kick. I don't know particular characters, but instead like to build my own interesting pieces that can be made into a character by the wearer. I like to encourage that kind of creativity. Hopefully I can inspire.


Here's the link to my store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RavenMadC… Check out what's there, and keep an eye out for when this one hits!

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