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Community renewed for 5th season!

Man, who saw this coming? I wonder if this is gonna be like the later seasons of Scrubs where every year they were on the bubble and NBC would jerk them around until the last minute before renewing so each subsequent year would become more ridiculous b/c they were convinced it was going to be their final year. Then after about 3 years of that, they reeled it in for a pretty decent swan song on ABC, although Disney's oversight meant we never got to see The Todd's banana hammock again.

Incidentally, Community and our exalted {goddess, demoness} Amy Poehler's Parks and Recreation are the ONLY returning comedies. NBC really cleaned house. The execrable Whitney is gone, the crippled Up All Night has been euthanized. They killed 1600 Penn w/ Bill Pullman and Dharma Montgomery-Finklestein. In other categories, even Brian Williams' Rock Center got the axe harder than the rooster in Gone w/ the Wind when Ashley was coming home on furlough to Atlanta.




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