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Company Creates Community's "MeowMeowBeanz" App in Real World, Calls It "Peeple"; Satire Suddenly Feels a Deep and Profound Sense of Shame, Confusion

Using a ratings system of one through five, exactly like “MeowMeowBeanz” did on Community, the new app called “Peeple” is being called the “Yelp” for rating human beings. That sound you hear is the collective angst of the majority of all students mixed in with a healthy dollop of fearful sadness. If you’ve seen the referenced episode of Community, then you already know exactly how this app works.

Valued at $7.6 million, “Peeple” was cofounded by Julia Cordray, who holds a marketing degree and is somehow neither Tim nor Eric.


The rules for Peeple are simple:

  • You must be 21 to review someone.
  • You must have a Facebook account.
  • You must make reviews under your real name.
  • You must prove that you know the person you are reviewing in one of three ways: personally, professionally, or romantically.
  • You must have the cell phone number of the person you are reviewing in order to add said person to the database.
  • You can’t opt out if you are the one being reviewed on the site.
  • You can’t delete any reviews (i.e. bad reviews) of yourself unless you can argue that the Terms of Service are being violated.
  • You can “report anything (you) deem inaccurate.”

People is currently in beta (which one assumes against all logic is magically being run in a real life simulacrum of Greendale Community College in the most “meta” move ever). There is the possibility that an opt-out feature could be included in the future, says Cordray, if the beta testers decide on it having one.

For now, though, there is no way to opt out from being reviewed.


On the happy side of things, digitally aided modern life has taken yet another big step in resembling the dystopian numbered society of Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner, so that’s kind of cool. (I have always liked that jacket.)


Be seeing you.


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