Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I have none. Well, maybe a couple:

  • One - Two hours is too short.

...and one lesson we can all learn from the movie (except for those who can't stop talking while the story is taking place inside the theater) is this: love all the digital you want, but when crunchtime comes, analog gets it done.


And one more thing. Tickets are priced way too high. If I have to pay for a movie I like, why can't I stay after the screening and watch it all over again? I wanna see it again! Like, the ushers actually point their flashlights at me and asked me to leave when the credits were still on screen. It's not like the house was full packed, there were asome seats still unoccupied. But darn it, I WANNA SEE IT AGAIN. It was not a "guaranteed seats" kind of theater. And the sound was crappy enough. WHY CAN"T I STAY AND WATCH IT AGAIN?

Please? I wanna see it again. I'll even buy those movie snacks that cost an arm and a leg. Please? I wanna see it again.

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