Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Confessions of an io9 Junkie

It's safe to say I visit io9 a lot. It keeps me sane at work, reading the articles and amusing comments, making my own smartass remarks and occasional (very occasional) deep and thought-provoking comment. I'm even a proud member of the O-deck community, contributing my humble fiction mainly for my own amusement, but also hoping people enjoy it.

But the sad truth is that I'm a junkie.

I come here so much that when I want to go to a different website, as I'm typing in the address, I automatically start typing io9's. I could chalk that up to getting old and senile (after all, I'm already an ancient 33), but then last night, everything came to a head. I had my first dream about the io9 staff (not like that; get your mind outta the gutter).


In the dream, I met Meredith at a mall, and then we met Annalee and Charlie Jane at a bar. They were the only three I met (Bricken might have been drunkenly wretching in a corner, but that also might have been my reflection), but what amazed me was how real it was. And how the hell could I be dreaming about people I had never met, never will meet? It was all very awkward after I woke up (but very pleasant during the dream itself; they are quite awesome conversationalists). It's made me realize that io9 has become an addiction I won't escape. I'm hooked on the information, the snarky comments, the unique and moving viewpoints. I should create an io9oholics Anonymous, but that would be silly. Or would it?

Don't end up like me. Save yourself before it's too late. It's a big internet out there. Don't let yourself be consumed by io9 as I have.


And please, if you see my family, tell them I love them.

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