Okay, so a while back we were playing some game that is like charades except that instead of making gestures you draw pictures. So we've got some agreed on things that we can draw to get the game going, like we draw a little movie camera if it is a movie title, and we draw a picture of an open book if it is a book title, etc.... And we then draw some spaces for however many words people are supposed to be guessing.

So I am supposed to get them to guess The Big Bang Theory, and I start by drawing a little picture of a television set and ___ ____ ____ ____. And next I drew what I thought looked like an explosion, you know, for the explosion that would have started the big bang that is the theory that the show is named after. And that didn't seem to be getting anywhere with them, so then I guess I'm going to have to draw something from the show itself. There's a T-shirt with the whole rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock thing, but I couldn't remember what the thing was supposed to look like, and that would be a lot of drawing anyway. And then I think draw stick figures for the characters in the show, but then should I draw four guys and one girl from the beginning of the show, or four guys and three girls, or what. I decide maybe draw a door with Sheldon knocking on it. Then I decide to just draw the door and knock on it myself three times.

So that gets it. We win that round. Actually, most everyone wins their round. It's almost a matter of who loses their round first. We win the game eventually. We usually do.


And then after each round, people say "I would have drawn" whatever. People would have drawn a picture of an atom, cause that is what is on the logo and the images between scenes in the show.

Okay, at the time I didn't think of that, and science class was a long time ago and I don't even know which atoms are pictured on the show. But there are some real science nerds who do know, and if I had drawn the wrong one that would have sent them totally in the wrong direction. Also, if I had drawn this exactly right, it might have made someone think nuclear, or they might have thought it was something else like a star system. But, okay, yes, if you remember to draw this image from the logo exactly, possibly this is what you want to do first. But that's fine, we all play this game and say what we would have drawn instead.


What really got my attention was someone complaining that she couldn't guess "Big Bang Theory" cause it's only three words and I put it was something that was four words.

Okay, others have made this mistake and put up too many words or not enough words, but this wasn't a mistake. "THE Big Bang Theory" is the title of the show. THE is still a word.


Okay, when I was in school, we were taught that when putting things in alphabetical order, you don't count "a" and "the" and maybe a few other things that I can't think of at the moment. So you don't have a bunch of titles starting with "a" at the beginning of the list and "the" towards the end of the list. You go to the next word. For example, The Walking Dead in alphabetical order would be under "w" not "t".

Doesn't mean that "the" isn't a word.

But recently I have seen so often that if people don't forget the word exists, they list things under "t". So when I'm looking to watch The Walking Dead without paying for cable, I sometimes find it under "w" where it is supposed to be or more often under "t" because it starts with "the", and then sometimes it's just randomly under "t" and they can't be bothered to alphabetize the list of things that start with "t" and it might be somewhere at the top of the list instead of at the end.


What is up with this?

Did the schools change their minds after I left? They sometimes do change their minds about a few things, and then sometimes change back. Or maybe it is different if you're not in America, and I'm looking at un-American websites? Or is it the way I remember for most English speaking people, but I'm just in the minority of people who can be bothered?


And the picture at the top of the page maybe isn't exactly what I was looking for, but I love that movie, and it's a funny picture.