Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Nor overly political and biased. Sometimes All it takes to win overwhelmingly is a man with a beautiful voice in his Dad’s too big jacket. :)

Big favourite Italy’s recreation of Planet of the Apes only made it to 6th place.


Also congratulations to Romania (Hi, blackpanther). After not competing last year for fiscal reasons, they rocked the house with stealing our German and the Austrians’ thing. (No hard feelings, we know nobody wants to hear us yodelling anymore, we kinda overdid it a little... :) And we don’t need to anymore - after coming in last for two years in a row, we made a whooping next to last place with one point ahead of Spain by placing a grey woman in front of a grey wall and let her sing a very grey song. No video footage for that, it might put you to sleep). Woohoo!

Austria shot a man to the moon, which wasn’t as successful as yodelling, but enough to come in 16th.

Only two places behind Azerbaijan’s Human/Equine Hybrid on a ladder.

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