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Previously I detailed how a grassroots campaign to pressure Congress into not cutting NASA's Planetary Exploration budget from NASA's 2013 budget succeeded. I also detailed how NASA graciously rewarded this monumental effort by submitting a plan that would use the entirety of the fund for different projects, essentially doing what the public had protested against in the first place. So another campaign started up to pressure Congress to not let NASA get away with it.


It worked.

NASA has reported that their initial budget plan was refused by Congress, and that they will resubmit a new plan more in line with intent of those who gave them the money in the first place. The whole process is especially crazy when you consider the money is for this year's budget, and the year is already half over. Another fight is expected for the 2014 budget the White House wants to cut another 200 million from NASA's budget. The fight for science funding continues.

image: NASA

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