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Does anyone else look at sites (Kinja or others) that you may be a part of and feel a bit guilty for not having the time to write fully-fleshed articles? Beware my rambling (and in all likelihood excuse-making) but this ties in to what 99T was addressing a few weeks ago, on the other end of the content scale.

Here's the skinny. Captain Max has graciously added me to the list of writers on his Roll For Initiative sub-Kinja (which is awesome and needs more people involved in it).


I lurve it, as it's a perfect fit for tabletop RPG-obsessed me. I genuinely can't get enough of the stuff, when I have a spare moment to gab about it. I want to do what I can to make the place a go-to blog for RPG discussion, reviews, etc. To spread the joy of sitting around a table and crafting stories with friends. But I just never have the time in my actual day. Between work and outside responsibilities, it's damn tough to hammer out articles that are on par with the pros.

And I do feel that that's the sort of content Gawker Media is pushing for. Articles of substance that are written to drive the clicks, with little to no overhead & no real editor fine-tuning. How to juggle that while paying the bills and living our lives?

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