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Continuum S4 - What You Need To Know

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If you haven’t been keeping up with the news, Continuum was renewed for a six-episode final season. Confirmed premiere dates are as follows:

Canada (Showcase) - Friday, September 4th

United States (Syfy) - Friday, September 11th

France (Syfy) - Tuesday, September 15th

Australia (Syfy) - Thursday, September 17th

Note that while Canada and the U.S. will not be airing in the same time slot, both will be showing new episodes on Friday but not the same episode. If you’re in the U.S. and like to hang out on social media while watching Continuum, beware that it will become a minefield of spoilers.

Above is Showcase’s new ‘creepy lullaby’ promo.

Season 4’s episode theme will be “Hour” with the following episode titles confirmed for the first half of the season:


401: Lost Hours

402: Rush Hour

403: Power Hour

And for those of you in Canada, Showcase and it’s parent company Shaw, announced yesterday that it will be previewing the Season 4 premiere on-line from August 21st to September 3rd* (yes, that means it is coming out tomorrow!). They will also be previewing a new episode of Lost Girl during that time, and yes, they will undoubtedly be geo-locked.


Here’s the episode description for the season 4 premiere:

Kiera, injured during her and Brad’s escape from the future soldiers, has a renewed desire to return to her son in the future. Brad reunites with the future soldiers in a bid to gain their trust and work from the inside. Alec gets revenge on Kellog by hacking into Piron which causes unexpected consequences and revelations.


Finally, if anyone is going to be attending Fan Expo in Toronto on September 3rd, Showcase will be screening the second episode of Continuum’s fourth season.*


Showcase just posted the premiere on YouTube (geo-locked):



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