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I've noticed the new Wonder Woman design has been receiving a lot of hate lately along with the new Superman (Isn't that the fourth in the last 5 years?) and Batman designs. Though I agree that the Superman design looks weak and Batman looks like Bunny from Tiger & Bunny.


However with Wonder Woman I have to Disagree, I really like it and It does something that I've always wanted to see.

Here's something that I've never understood, why would the Amazons still be at the same technological level as they were thousands of years ago? We've seen that in both continuities that they are advanced intellectually and militarily so why wouldn't they have upgraded by now?

Obviously, due to materials, the use of magic and lack of outside knowledge, they probably have advanced differently then us, with them being more advanced in military, chemistry and communication and less so in entertainment, astronomy and physics. I've always pictured Themyscira as 300 meets Shadowrun (couldn't think of a better example, is Greekpunk even a thing?).

So seeing her wear armour that shows both advancements, but stay true to ancient Greek designs made me happy to see, damn what the rest of you think.

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