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Conversations from the dinner table

Spoilers for S3E2 of Sherlock. (Also, werewolves in general.)

Last night over dinner the House of Hatrack discussed the viability of the murder method employed against Bainbridge and Sholto in the aforementioned episode of Sherlock. I'll buy the idea that a tight belt would act as a tourniquet preventing someone from bleeding out from a small puncture wound. I've had small puncture wounds, they don't bleed very much. So I raised this concern over dinner last night. Mrs. Hatrack and WinnieTheWoot tried to argue me down with the internal bleeding that could occur with a well-placed stab, say a major artery or a kidney. Okay, internal bleeding. But the palace guard wouldn't have lasted to the end of his shift with that kind of injury, would he?


Tonight, as I was liberating the meat from a porterhouse bone, I raised an issue that troubles me about werewolves. Namely, where does all that hair go when they shift back to human form? Mrs. H pointed out that shedding it all would make them pretty easy to track. Also what about lady werewolves? If she just shaved her legs then went wolf would she need to shave again right after changing back? WtW suggested that the hair is retracted back into the follicles. I think that would be horrible, having all that impacted hair just under the surface of your skin.

Mrs. Hatrack doubts other families talk like this over dinner.

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