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Corkboard Peters Projection Maps

I'm googling cork board maps, and there seem to be fewer options than I was expecting. Maybe I'm using the wrong terms. And I definitely can't find much variety in the way of projections. There is always the DIY option, leaving ordering custom corkboard, gluing, and perhaps framing up to me. I'm lazy, but I'm also cheap. The eternal battle.

Anyway—anyone know of a good place to see a variety of maps I can put a pushpin into? I want to hang it in my living room, tracking where I've been and where I want to go.


If I go the crafty route, what would be the best glue for this sort of thing?

Any projects on your laps?

I have a few fanarts I need to draw (fixit coda for this week's SPN, some sentimental Weechesters, etc), an art class this afternoon I'm toying with attending as well as a live drawing session early next week—doing my best to break that block! I'm also considering taking a stage fighting class next weekend if I'm healthy enough—I have 15+ years of experience with various arts, but I'm fascinated by the difference here—I once volunteered for a cheapo film along with a lot of keen martial artists, and although they could all fight (some brilliantly), it was clear that choreography and execution was just not the same for the camera.

Plus I want to drop *my* learning on my actor BFF out of nowhere. That's a great perk.


Oh, yeah, and redecorate the small things in my living room...cushions and mounting my weapons on the wall, the place of glory they deserve.

ANYWAY. ENOUGH ABOUT ME. What about you, and projects? I have a friend making a dollhouse. I am intimidated and impressed—you see the relative simplicity of my efforts.

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