So, tonight I'm going to indulge in a bit of self-promotion, if I may.

One of the hobbies my husband and I share is editing anime music videos; basically, using editing software, we mashup anime and music (or sound clips), manipulate them to create scenarios we want, do lip synching and create videos. We've been doing this since 2006. We've gone from winning awards at contests at conventions to assisting running AMV rooms (at Sakura-Con in Seattle) to actually being in charge of the rooms and contests themselves (my husband had his first crack at that this year here in Vancouver).

So, following are 5 of my personal favourites of my own videos that I've edited. I hope you like.

I have an eternal girl-crush on Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost In the Shell. This concept rattled around in my brain for ages, until it solidified; I wasn't sure it would work, but I think it came together nicely.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is one of my favourite animes, and Touga is my perennial anime boyfriend. I was so pleased with myself when I thought this one up; one of the great delights of editing these things is when you hit upon the perfect marriage of concept, song, and anime.

Sometimes you get an idea for a video, and you're convinced you're the only one that's going to "get it". This was the case with "Misa"; it uses an incredibly obscure song by an obscure artist. Basically, I made this one purely for my own pleasure and enjoyment; imagine my surprise when it ended up steamrolling over everything at conventions and became one of my most popular videos. Sometimes, things we think speak only to us are more universal than we imagine.

This was one of those times I was hit with a bolt of inspiration; I was listening to this soundtrack the day it was released, and the idea for this slammed into my head as soon as I hit this song. I had my husband buy the anime the same day, and I edited this in about 48 hours. Still one of my favourite and most popular vids.

And this one is a project my husband and I worked on together. We've both had clips in the "AMV Hell" series, and we decided that we wanted to win the AMV Contest here at the convention in Vancouver. The best way to do that? A manipulative Canadian-themed comedy video, of course.