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Corpsegoddess' Graveyard Shift

Happy weekend-type time, everybody. I am here to harrass you with videos yet again.

I know I put a Lindsey Stirling video up a couple of weeks ago, but hot DAMN I could not wait to show you guys this one. I love the original of this song, but I believe this is one of those cases where the cover far surpasses the source. I immediately bought this on iTunes and have been listening to it incessantly for the past week.

"The Real Ramona" is one of the albums that I have to listen to in its entirety whenever I listen to it (which is not the case with a lot of records). This song is so iconically 90's for me.

One of my favourite videos, and I love the tune. I consider it one of my personal "theme songs". =D

A great vid that's fantasically simple—and stars Mackenzie Crook! The song is insidiously catchy as well.

This song really makes me miss the Brit Pop nights out at the clubs, back in my 20's.

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