Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Less than a week to go, so here's installment #2 of my favourite Halloweenie-type songs; once again, I'm going all-out and doing more than my usual 5.

No video for this one, but it's a must-have on my list.

Not about or from the movie of the same name. I love the video for this one.

Sorry about the slightly-NSFW cover art and lack of video, but this one is another requisite.

Love, love, love this band. And the video is creeptacularly perfect for Halloween.

Death has, in my opinion, the best entrance of any character EVER. And this song is amazing, eerie and powerful.

I know that, technically, this song is about Thatcherism—but it's still a great Halloween tune.

Another song lacking a video, but I love it so much. One of the few things I enjoyed from the True Blood TV series.

I put this one up in my very first Graveyard Shift, but it's so good it deserves a place on this list. One of the creepiest videos ever.


This song has been a favourite since the very first time I saw it on MTV (eleventy scrillion years ago). Unfortunately, the original seems to not be in cyberspace; this was the closest I could get.

Another one without a video, sadly. But the tune is well worth it.

Also obligatory.

For once, I'm doing two songs by one band in the same post. Peter Steele can get away with it, in my book.

Thirdly obligatory.

And lastly—-this Halloween is my 10th wedding anniversary. This has always been "our song"; hubby put it on the very first mix CD he made for me, 11 years ago. This one's for you, Gothboi. (there wasn't a decent version, so I had to upload this one myself).

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