Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Hubby and I have been attending Sakura-Con for about 8 years now, and the last 4, we've been on staff; he and I have helped to run the AMV room. If you're not familiar with them, AMV stands for "anime music video". Basically, using editing software, you put together audio tracks with clips from anime to make a video.

He and I also edit; this has been our hobby for around 8 years as well. "Corpsegoddess' Graveyard Shift" was actually the name I used when I started running the first overnight shift in the AMV room. Since there was a curfew for anybody under 18, I got to play a lot of the videos that weren't appropriate for public consumption during the day.


So, in honor of that "Shift", and the fact that Sakura-Con is happening this weekend (without me, alas), I decided to post some of my favourite off-colour vids.

There is a NSFW warning across the board for all of these.


This is one of my favouritest amv's of all time. It's so delightfully wrong.

Detroit Metal City is one of the most offensive, vulgar animes ever—and it is absolutely hilarious. I have never laughed out more at an anime than I did while watching this show. This video takes clips from DMC and mixes it up with K-On!, which is a completely harmless and frothy moe show.

Evangelion is a favourite target for people to mess with in AMV's. I think it's because it's so serious and bleak. Even if I liked the show (which I don't), I wouldn't be able to watch it seriously after all the vids I've seen making fun of it.

The "Bed, Bath and Beyond" part of this song always kills me.

Out of all the filthy and funny videos I show, this one always has people in hysterics. And yes, it's making fun of Eva again.

I'll finish up with one of my own, from Yaoi-Con. I won Best Comedy with this the year I entered it. =D

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