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Another weekend, another set of random videos!

I've loved Veruca Salt since their first album; I got to see them live and hang out with them back in the day. Wonder of wonders, they've gotten back together—and hubby and I have tickets to see them later this month. So excited!

I love the band Jellyfish; when they disbanded, Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. went on to create one album with his new band, Imperial Drag. It's a gorgeous record and was sadly ahead of its time; if it was released today, it probably would do much better than it originally did. After Imperial Drag, Roger formed the group Moog Cookbook, which does wonderfully awful Moog muzak versions of popular songs.

Florence is wonderful—-not just for her astounding voice and amazing songs, but because she's like a goth Pre-Raphaelite painting come to life. One of my favourite bands of all time.

Another performer I saw live (way back in 1991), and another I got to meet—along with his brother Livingston! He closed out the concert with this song, and it was awesome.

Whenever I feel homesick for New England, I put this album on; it works surprisingly well to alleviate the symptoms.

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