Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I decided that since I had to play redheaded stepchild with the 80's mixtape, I would use this week's Shift to sneak in the mix I didn't submit; here, then, is my "standard" 80's mixtape.


Stevie is my fashion patronus. I adore her and her look to pieces.

There is so much 80's goodness happening in this song and video that I can barely contain my delight.

The Psychedelic Furs are an indispensible part of the decade's music, and yet they sound timeless.

My favourite DD song, hands-down. I remember lying in bed at night. listening to it with my gimongous Sony Walkman. These guys made videos into the spectacles they once were.

This is easily one of my top-10 songs of the 80's. I worked as a camp counselor the summer this came out (just before my sophomore year in high school), and one afternoon my friend and I wrote out the entire lyrics to the song on our cabin wall, in Sharpie marker. I still know every word.

This song was so weird, and so wonderful. I had it on a single 45 record.

This video has everything. Explosions, swords, girls in chains. Epic. Plus, my friends and I in fifth grade of Catholic school had a life-threatening crush on Joe Elliott; he's single-handedly responsible for my Union Jack fixation.

It's a shame these guys ended up being a one-hit wonder; John Baxter had a wonderful voice.

Speaking of wonderful voices...

It seems like the pop male singers of the decade all shared the same unquantifiable quality in their voices. Whatever it is, I respond to it and just love it.

Most of my clubbing outfits were a goth variation on the girls' from this video; it was absolutely a conscious decision. True story.

Adam Ant was my first "real" crush, and is completely responsible for 99% of the fetishes I have about men today. Eyeliner, makeup, pirates, thigh holsters, rogues, dandies, tall boots, British. I saw him live last September for the first time—-I had waited more than 30 years for that concert and I was not disappointed. I actually burst into tears when he took the stage. Yes, I'm a dork.

Unfortunately there no video for this song, but it's one of those that just screams "80's" for me, so I have to include it. It's off the soundtrack of my favourite John Hughes movie, Some Kind of Wonderful. I have probably watched that movie in excess of 50 times.

This song will always mean "summer" for me. Driving down the road with my best friend, bare feet hanging out the window, singing at the top of our lungs.

Ah, Michael. So sensual, so sultry. Rest in peace.

Madness and The Specials were my introduction to ska. This song and video are just so much, well...fun. =D

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