Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Corpsegoddess' Graveyard Shift

Happy Canada Day (weekend), everybody! It's a Great White North edition, eh?

I'm proud to be a dual citizen—I'm Canadian, Please!

Ah, Sloan. This song was my first introduction to them, way back in 1992; it's still permanently on my iPod.

I'm probably the only person left in the world that remembers this song—I'm pretty sure I still have the cassingle (remember THOSE?) kicking around somewhere. I used to put it on just about every mix tape I made when it came out.

I love many, many of Skinny Puppy's songs, but this is one of my favourites, and definitely my favourite of all their videos.

This video is so perfect in so many ways. "Consider Questioning Authority, Please". The Mountie Mosh Pits. The spot-on parody of 90's grunge/Alanis videos. And that Canadian Anarchy t-shirt (I MUST HAVE THAT). Having immigrated to Canada from the States, the US/Canadian "How I Met Your Mother" episodes are my favourites. This one had us completely doubled over, in tears.


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