Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Bringing you a little oasis of randomy music goodness again this week...

This is one of those videos that I love—the kind that tells a story, even if you're not exactly sure what that story is. My brain keeps tricking me into thinking the lead singer is Misha Collins.

Another great "story" video, with some great animation to boot; it's long, but worth the watch. Warning—cartoony graphic violence.

I seem to be picking story vids tonight; so be it. I really love this song—it's authentically "80's" without sounding derivative. And the video is very creepy.

I really do love dubstep, and I like what Skrillex does with it quite a bit. His videos, no matter what you think of the musical genre, are always excellent. I love the twist in this one.

And this one sends me into mad giggles every time. Not a song, but a fairly well-known comedy routine from back in the day—perfectly set with Phoenix Wright to tell its story.

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