Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Dang, I'm gone for a few days and everything's all diff'rent again!

  • In general, the format's a bit more readable. Still no support for Firefox spell-check in the text window, though.
  • Transparent white menu bar with grey text? Umm, why?
  • Blog names seem to be brokt in a rather weird way. No matter how short I make mine, the last six or seven characters always seem to get truncated. LoquaciousMan no like!
  • The little heart where you "Liked!" a post is now a star and says "Saved!" Arroooo?

Haven't really explored further yet; but in general, most of the "ch-ch-ch-changes" I've noticed seem to be cosmetic and random. Any big stuff I'm missing?

 ADDENDUM-DE-DUM-DUM (2013-2-27):

  • The little "Dismiss" X now shows up on all comments, even comments on posts you did not yourself write and personally had nothing to do with. This seems like a bad idea.
  • The "Following" and "Followers" lists in your "Settings" menu are pretty much useless, since they're limited to six and they're not always the same six, anyway (must be another one of them double-sekrit algorithm things). The old "Friends and Followers" entries on the pre-Kinja 1.0 Profile pages had more functionality.
  • Speaking of "Following" - you have to re-follow people whose blog pages you're already following on Observation Deck and on Thursdaytales? Seriously?
  • Blog names - now with even more truncation! Part of this complete breakfast!

Seriously, the more pointless messin'-round I see in the details, the more I'm tempted to change my initial B+ grade for this whole thing to Blarg.

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