Lego CUUSOO, the community-based initiative that lets fans suggest ideas for future Lego sets, has announced that it will allow for submissions based on the Doctor Who License after years of rejecting them.

In a blog post last night, Lego revealed that submissions based on the series (as well as past submissions by fans that were removed from CUUSOO) could now be submitted and potentially considered for production. In the past, submissions had to be denied for licensing reasons - specifically because for Doctor Who, the license to produce construction sets is owned by Character Options, the company who also produce Doctor Who's ranges of Action Figures and hold the master toy license from the BBC. Over the past few years, Character have made faux-lego Doctor Who sets under the popular 'Character Building' brand, including sets like the TARDIS interior, as well as ranges of collectable minifigures. Character Options were even showing off a new series of the line at the recent London Toy Fair last month, which included the first CB minifigures of Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald:

But now that Lego have announced that there is no longer a licensing issue when it comes to Doctor Who, what does this mean for the future of Doctor Who's license with Character Options? Have the BBC taken the license for construction toys away from them? Could we see Lego skip CUUSOO altogether and acquire the license itself to produce a range of Doctor Who sets? What does this mean for other BBC-branded CUUSOO projects, such as the recently selected Lego Sherlock project? For now, there's no real answers - but there's hope that we could be seeing some official brick-based adventures in Time and Space from the Danish toy company in the future.


[Lego CUUSOO Blog - Toy Fair Images sourced via The Doctor Who Site on Flickr, Header Image sourced via io9 user Exploriens/Chocolate Frogs on Flickr]