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Countdown to SpaceX CRS-7 UPDATE: Sad face

I’m here at a beach near Kennedy Space Center, FL awaiting my very first rocket launch, the SpaceX Dragon capsule with Falcon 9 rocket. The crabs are scuttling, and there are yellow stakes everywhere marking turtle nests. I’m so excited. It’s due to launch from those 4 towers in the distance next to the dome. https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/events/2015/ju…

UPDATE: Despite the failure, it was really cool! Clouds on the ground. A long firey red tail following a thin little stick rose up above the horizon. Yells of excitement from the gathered herds as they stopped their trek south to watch.


It rose up quite a bit before the rumble of the rockets reached us. It let off a contrail or smoke trail that ended as it reached sun level. By then I had already stopped recording video. It’s hard to block the sun with an umbrella while recording and trying to see a sight with your own eyes

A few seconds later, puff and a smoke ring and confused gasps from the crowd. Was that the rocket detaching? What does it look like when an object leaves the atmosphere? A call from Dad a minute later with the news. Sad faces all around.


What was left of the con/smoke trail after the fact.

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