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Cracking The Code

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Talking of tv shows Down Under, tucked away on Netflix is an Australian Political Conspiracy thriller which is surprising slick and sophisticated. Yes, that is Lucy Lawless in the trailer up top.


ABC TV’s 2014 six part thriller, The Code, starts in a remote New South Wales village with two troubled aboriginal teens on a joy ride. They are run off the road by a lorry near a chemical plant. The girl urges the boy to run.

He turns up at the home of teacher Alex Wisham (Lawless) disorientated and covered in blood. Later the car is found upturned in a lake and the girl is dead. A joyride gone bad or has something else happened? There is a damaged phone with corrupted footage.

Meanwhile in Canberra, news of the crash has reached the Deputy Prime Minister which prompts him to encourage his Chief of Staff to get his Director of Communication to pass material to her former boyfriend, journalist Ned Banks (Dan Spielman). Between work and caring for his autistic brother Jesse (Ashley Zuckerman), Banks is feeling the strain but follows up on the police report and talks to Alex. She declines to comment but later sends him the corrupted footage.

Jesse repairs the footage which shows that after the collision, the lorry pushed the car off the edge with the girl inside. A shot of the license plate links the lorry to a biotech firm Physanto. Jesse hacks the company server but is spotted and his own computer is infected with malware. Ned’s publication is also hacked and he receives a threatening e-mail.


Of course things escalate from there with bluff and double-bluff, murder, radioactive chicanery, and probably the most disturbing interrogation scene you are ever likely to see.

Over six episodes, The Code is tense drama that moves to a satisfying conclusion. Except the Banks Brothers are back for a second series. This time they are threatened with extradition to the States unless they help track down Anthony LaPaglia. The second series has aired in Australia, starts a run on BBC4 this coming Saturday and I presume it will join the original on Netflix in due course.


Will it live up to the original ...?

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