Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Craziness Ensues

The past few weeks have been insane. Not just for me but for several people. If only it was the holiday blitz that normally pervades our routines and reminds us all of its power by clenching its gravitational clutches.

(Above: non related song but the graphic is great)

Next week I'm off to San Diego to escape the usual insanity that accompanies any start up. While this would normally be a great trip to get away there is another motive. I cannot speak too much about it but I really want to. There's something big out there, and yet if it is as I suspect it could be; then it will be amazing and we will all know about it soon enough...or at least as soon as I can legally talk about it.


In the mean time school and work have been taking up my time. What has everyone else been up to? Do you have holiday plans or are you really excited about a gift you are going to give someone? Share with me and the others and provide a simple distraction from my spreadsheets and powerpoints please :)

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