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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Gives Us Some "Love Kernels" As Well as a New Theme Song

Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is coming back and if you haven’t seen it, now is your chance to binge-watch the entire first season on Netflix. And, in anticipation of the premiere, Entertainment Weekly has released the first music video of the season, entitled “Love Kernels” and clearly based on Beyonce’s Lemonade.


This isn’t the only new thing about the show — as showrunners Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna have stated, each season will also include a brand new opening theme song. The first theme song explained the status quo for the first season:

The second season theme song, titled “I’m Just a Girl in Love,” displays a little more, shall we say, unhingedness.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend premieres this Friday, October 21st, at 9 PM.

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