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You guys know I love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, right? I’ve been trying to promote it on here for a while now. But do you know what makes the show so much better? That’s right: a Disney Villain Song.


I can’t post the actual video here, because it’s not on YouTube yet, but that’s a link to it. It’s from the March 7th episode, “Josh is Going to Hawaii!” It appears that Rebecca will look at things from Valencia’s perspective and realize that perhaps she isn’t the good person she thought she was.

My favorite bits, however, are her lampshading the fact that Villain Songs are always so sinister sounding. “Who is this song’s composer? It’s like ridiculously sinister.” (Also, Rachel Bloom’s evil laugh as amazing.)

Rachel Bloom has parodied Disney songs before with the “Historically Accurate Disney Princess Song,” which actually helped get her her own show:

Seriously, though, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is doing a Villain Song this Monday. And Supergirl isn’t on, either. The only possibly conflict of interest is Gotham...


...so please watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Monday, 8 PM on the CW!

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