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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Includes One of the Most Jewish Songs Ever

I didn’t think anything could get more Jewish than the JAP Battle. I was wrong.

During tonight’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, “Will Scarsdale Like Josh’s Shayna Punim?”, Rebecca takes Josh back to her hometown for a cousin’s Bar Mitzvah and during the celebration, Rebecca tries to explain to Josh why her people (the Jews) are always so depressing and sad, even during parties. And yes, this is almost exactly what it feels like to be part of a Jewish community:

Now it’s time to celebrate
Grab a drink and fix a plate
But before you feel too great
Remember that we suffered.

Nights like these are filled with glee 
Noshing, dancing, singing, whee!
But we sing in a minor key
To remember that we suffered.

Being happy is selfish.
Remember that we suffered.
You have no idea what pain is.
Remember that we suffered.

I mean, would it be such a crime
For the Beastie Boys or Haim
To mention in their songs one time
“Remember that we suffered.”

I don’t want to bring up the Holocaust.
I know, I know, the Holocaust.
But the Holocaust was a really big deal. 
Remember that we suffered.

This DJ is terrific!
Remember that we suffered.
My grandma’s a survivor.
Remember that she suffered.

Ah, the sweet and the bitter
Streisand and Hitler
Remember that we suffered.
Spielberg and Hitler
Remember that we suffered.
Have we mentioned Hitler?
I’m just saying that we suffered.

When I say “We,” you say “suffered.”
I can’t hear you!

Remember that we suffered!

The song is sung to perfection by Broadway star Patti LuPone, playing Rebecca’s Rabbi, who is joined in by Tovah Feldshush, still playing Rebecca’s overbearing Jewish mother. And yes, they are dancing a hora to klezmer music.


(In fact, Rachel Bloom has stated that this is an improved version of an earlier song she wrote called “Think About All the Dead Jews.” It certainly is much catchier.)

I mean, this song was perfect and it’s not even the best song in the episode. That would be the song where Heather dances like she’s on Soul Train.

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