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We don’t normally have these for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but I decided to do one today, because I need to show you all this video for “I Gave You a UTI.” Because it is goddamn brilliant.

In any case, now onto the episode: holy crap that was good. Like, everything about it was good, from Rebecca trying to make pie-breaking-in with Paula their thing instead of Josh and Josh’s dance which was a cross between Karate Kid and Flashdance and even the doctor at the end who was taking improv classes because his wife works nights (fun fact: that doctor was played by Dan Gregor, the husband of Rachel Bloom, who actually does work nights when filming the show, so, uh, I guess he was speaking the truth?).


The highlight, however, was definitely the songs, “I Gave You a UTI” and “Oh My God I Think I Like You.” Apparently, this episode was so dirty that someone from Standards & Practices had to be on set when they filmed it and yet, somehow, they still got away with this:

Next week: The season finale! The big wedding! Things are happening!

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