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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Takes Us From Jewish-American Princesses to Raging Waters

This weeks episode of the romantic-black-comedy-musical Crazy Ex-Girlfriend featured a rap battle between Rebecca and her arch-rival Audra Levine and then a magnificent “Can You Hear the People Sing?” take on water rights, plus two reprises.


The music video above is the explicit version of “JAP Battle,” the rap battle between Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) and Audra Levine (Rachel Grate). JAP stands for Jewish-American Princess, a fairly offensive stereotype, but like black rappers using the N-word, perhaps when Jews use it, it’s okay. In any case, the “JAP Battle” is hilarious and filled to the absolute brim with Jewish references.

  • “Shonde” is, as Rebecca says, Yiddish for “disgrace” (or “shame” or “scandal”). “The Goys” means anyone who isn’t Jewish, although technically the plural would be “Goyim.”
  • Sheket bevakasha is Hebrew for “quiet please,” so Rebecca saying “Sheket bevaka-shut the fuck up!” means she’s telling Audra to shut up in two languages at once. Which is pretty badass.
  • “A.E. Pi-hole” refers to Alpha Epsilon Pi, a Jewish fraternity, while the “Matzo Ball” is actually a Jewish singles event held around Christmas every year (because Jews love puns and also Christmas, I guess).
  • “Birthright” refers to Birthright Israel (or just “Birthright”), a group that organizes heritage trips to Israel for Jews.
  • “Seder plates” are passed around during the Seder, the beginning of Passover, while “shtetl” is a small Jewish slum.

And now, let’s move onto the magnificent “Flooded with Justice.” We’ve all been there: that dripping faucet, that leaky pipe. But boy is it good to hear a song all about that, all to the tune of the best song from Les Miserables. (Okay, second best song. “One Day More” is better.) And also references to B. J. Novak’s meth lab and Raging Waters, which is awesome. (And yes, Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror is real, too.)


Moreover, as a resident of Southern California, seeing all of the names of the San Gabriel Valley cities listed off was just delightful. Seriously, all of the El Montes were there!

The two reprises consisted of a reprise of “Flooded with Justice” and a surprise and spectacular reprise of “Settle for Me” by Heather (Vella Lovell), only switched around so that it was “Don’t Settle for Me.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs on Mondays, 8PM on the CW. There are five more episodes left this season. Watch it pretty please.

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